About Dr. Milica Stamenkovic

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I have always been torn between my passion for art and my desire to help people. I found the perfect balance by following my professional path and becoming a dentist, completing my degree in Dentistry at the University of Toronto more than ten years ago—time flies when you do what you love!

My approach is to take the positive aspects from both worlds—art and medicine—and apply them in my daily practice to help my patients. I believe that a good dentist is not just one who is skillful and can perform many different procedures, but one who also listens and empathizes with her patients and helps them to overcome their fear of dentists so they can realize their dreams. My heart is full when my patients say that I am fun, vivacious, warm-hearted, friendly and, most importantly, that they trust me and my professional expertise.

My professional goal is very simple—to provide the best possible care for my patients by looking at the bigger picture and considering all aspects of each individual case. To achieve this goal and continue to make my work both challenging and personally fulfilling, I indulge my strong curiosity and lifelong thirst for knowledge by researching and learning about the latest, most innovative and minimally invasive dental and surgical procedures. I believe an important part of a patient’s treatment is for the dentist to spend some time with her patient before the procedure to explain in detail everything they need to know for the patient to relax and feel more comfortable. Getting to know all aspects of my patients’ oral health is critical to helping me diagnosis and advise the best solution for each patient.

I am passionate about dental surgery procedures, dental implants, gum rejuvenation, and reconstructive dentistry. These used to be difficult procedures which were seen as scary and painful, but with today’s advanced technology, they are simple and minimally invasive. My sincere desire is to help my patients choose and invest in the right procedures for them to ensure they have excellent, long-term oral health with no unpleasant surprises, so they can achieve that perfect smile which is the key to happiness.

In my spare time, when I’m not creating healthy and beautiful smiles, I like to read, paint, travel, and spend time with my husband and friends.

I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. S

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